Our Mission

Our innovative approach to design, product development, and customer service makes us a leader in the consumer air cooling. Our products are respectful of the environment; we take our customers concern for the planet and their pocketbook into consideration with each new item.

Our Service

While we constantly strive to push the limits of home cooling and air quality, there’s one thing that will never change: our service. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and honest customer service representatives are committed to providing excellent care. We take pride in our exceptional customer service.


Our team of creative innovators, inventors and marketing experts work together to bring exciting new products to the home consumer. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is what makes our work worth it.


Federated Consumer Products works tirelessly to develop new consumer items not available anywhere else in the marketplace, offering our customers revolutionary new products to help save money and improve daily lives.

About Us

Who We Are?

Founded in 2009 in Canton, OH, our company has dedicated its time, energy, and resources to perfecting a product that improves quality of life: The air cooler. Our undivided attention and dedication to air cooling is why we have become a trusted source for our customer base.

We makeWonderfulAwesomeFantasticProducts!

New energy friendly Power360˚ Air Chiller Super Fan System™ uses 90% less electricity per hour than air conditioners with no vents, no ducts, no compressor and no Freon ever to slash summer electric bills and save money.






8000 Freedom Ave NW, North Canton, OH 44721 USA

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